Review – Organic Keywords (by Domain) Tool –

Spy on the Big Boys!

See what keywords any site is ranking on and how much they’re paying to do it.

Also, use this tool in conjunction with another for real results…

Review – Main Keyword Report Tool –

Next I’m showing the Main Keyword Report Tool and what it can do to give you an idea of who’s bidding what on keywords in a specific niche or regarding a specific topic.

This is a quick and easy way to do keyword research, and the program does the digging for you.

Use this for building PPC, PPV, or CPV keyword / target lists.


Top 10 Adwords Keywords by Domain Tool

Here’s another one..

This is a quick little video showing off another neat tool!

Spy on your competition and build your keyword/target list.

See CPC, keyword searches, search volume, google ranking, etc..

Organic Competition (by Domain) Tool Review from Affportal

Hey Guys,

Here’s the next video review of one of the latest tool additions to AffPortal. It’s perticularly useful for CPV and PPV URL Target list generation because it scrapes organic search engine results to match up thousands of common keyword phrases!


The Google Wonderwheel Scraper Tool

Hey Guys,

Here’s a review video on the Google Wonderwheel Scraper Tool by Now that Google has opened up a bit here with regard to Keywords and what content will rank well on the Search Engine, Affportal has recently released a tool that takes your keyword seed (main keyword phrase) and scrapes the Wonderwheel to help you get ahead of the competition with your PPC keyword lists.

This tool can be used in conjunction with other tools, and it works great for giving you an idea on how to start building your keyword list.

Here’s an explanation of The Google Wonderwheel in case you want more information.

Otherwise just check the video below for a review on the our scraper can do for you.


Back with More Content and Reviews- New Tools Added!

Hey Guys,

It’s been a while- I’ve been caught up with some other things, but we’re back reviewing the newest additions to the membership.

New look, new tools, same familiar faces :)


The Social Media URL Scraper from Affportal

This tool is a URL Niche tool. The Social Media URL Scraper actually digs into YouTube (yes, the giant and powerful YouTube) and scrapes video link URLs for you.

You put your the keyword phrases into the tool, and it generates a list as big or small as you could want.

Now whenever you PPV audience is searching for your term, and they watch a video on YouTube about it, your ad is going to pop-up.

And this tool is extremely rare, so only Affportal Social Medial URL Scraper users are getting YouTube URLs like you can.

The Social Media URL Scraper is a truly unique and powerful tool.

See for yourself in this video:

Affportal Site Extractor PPV Tool

Affportal ‘s site extractor tool is a real time-saver. You have a domain like, and you want to build a list of PPV targets that have as the main domain:

In the past, to do it manually, you would have to go to and type in “”. From there you’d copy the URLs that google has indexed, and paste each of them into a document.

Now, with Affportal’s Site Extractor Tool, you can forget about all the time and effort.

Let me show you how affportal does it in 10 seconds.

AffPortal Has Added Wordze at No Cost

affporta + wordze = $37

affportal + wordze = $37

It was announced last week that AffPortal members will be receiving the robust Wordze Keyword Research Tools and more free with their membership.

And what a nice surprise it was!

I haven’t had a chance yet to fully explore it, but I can tell you that these guys over at Wordze aren’t messing around.

And how AffPortal got access for all it’s users free, I don’t know.

Count your blessings, though, right?

Here’s a quick vid I did up explaining how to gain access. It’s quick and easy:

Aff Portal Deep and Wide Keyword Tool

Basically, the Aff Portal Deep and Wide Keyword is like the Google Keyword Tool. It gives related keywords (deep), and less related (wide) keywords, with a rating of their search volume. It’s good to have in the interface, so that when you’re logged in, you don’t have to alt-tab to another window or tab and clean up Google Keyword Tool results and use.

With the Aff Portal Deep and Wide Keyword Tool you get it all in the same interface, and you can still use whatever else you want. Diversification is an asset.

See how it Aff Portal does it here:

PPV Sniper Tool

This tool is used for building a list of URLs for your PPV campaigns. You enter the specific longer-tail keyword that pertain to your niche or product, and the tool will give you the top 5 organic results from Google and MSN.

This is good for scraping the highest ranking URLs for specific search terms users type into Google and MSN.

Watch it in action here:

Batch URL Scraper v2.0

Here’s another tool that saves me a lot of time.

Say you have a offer for an acai product, and you want to capitalize on everyone else’s PPC ad spending by doing PPV on their site URLs?

That’s good, simple stuff.

So you go to Google, MSN, and Yahoo. You type in “acai” and copy and paste the top organic and paid URLs into your list. This way, you’re bidding on the domains that the traffic is already going to, and everyone else is paying to drive it.

You might even go to and and see what you can do about pulling URLs from there too! (We have a tool in the works!)

But instead of spending all your time copy and pasting, you could just login to your and pull up the Batch URL Scraper v2.0.

See it in action here!

Alexa and Quantcast URL Scraper Review

This tool will save you a lot of time.

In the old days, you’d have to go to or and put in a URL or keyword. Alexa or Quantcast would spit out their results page, and it would be up to you to sit there and tediously pick all the URLs from the results.

I have found one other Quantcast URL scraper recently, but it didn’t do Alexa and it cost over $850 to become a member and get access to it.  So there you go.

AffPortal’s Alexa/Quantcast URL Scraper is better and cheaper than anything else out there.

Let me show you how it works.

Welcome to Aff Portal

Hey there,

I created this site because I love Aff Portal ‘s Tools, and I think you will too.

I’ll be putting up some videos demonstrating more tools shortly, so enjoy.

Here’s my Aff Portal Overview..