Batch URL Scraper v2.0

Here’s another tool that saves me a lot of time.

Say you have a offer for an acai product, and you want to capitalize on everyone else’s PPC ad spending by doing PPV on their site URLs?

That’s good, simple stuff.

So you go to Google, MSN, and Yahoo. You type in “acai” and copy and paste the top organic and paid URLs into your list. This way, you’re bidding on the domains that the traffic is already going to, and everyone else is paying to drive it.

You might even go to and and see what you can do about pulling URLs from there too! (We have a tool in the works!)

But instead of spending all your time copy and pasting, you could just login to your and pull up the Batch URL Scraper v2.0.

See it in action here!

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Hi! I'm Ken- Affiliate Marketer and Affportal user since Feb 2009. After I tried Affportal, I thought I'd review it here to show others everything inside the membership before they joined. Hopefully, you're getting as much from watching my videos and I have from using the tools :) Cheers


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